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Man checking his blood sugar

Diabetes Care

Living with diabetes just got easier

Diabetes Care (powered by Onduo) is a program for our members with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes that gives you tools, free supplies and a personal coach to help you improve your life. The best part? It’s all digital when you download the app.

Whether you’ve spent years managing your blood glucose with type 2 diabetes, or you’ve talked to your doctor about reversing your prediabetes with diet, the Diabetes Care program is virtual care that works alongside your doctor’s treatment plan for you.

Blood glucose monitor

Save $480

Estimated average annual savings when Diabetes Care mails you free devices and supplies to your home.

Coaching on your phone, free supplies in your mailbox

Diabetes Care is a program with proven results.

Free supplies & connected devices:

Devices and supplies are mailed to your home. The devices—a blood glucose monitor or continuous glucose monitor—connect your personal coach to your biometrics, so they can see how your body is reacting daily to food, medicine, exercise and more.

Digital coaching:

Your personal coach builds you a custom plan and monitors your health. The virtual diabetes app is where you and your coach discuss diet, exercise and other lifestyle decisions, so you’re improving your health on your own terms.


There’s a whole team of people available to help you achieve your goals, including registered nurses, endocrinologists, licensed dietitians, certified diabetes educators and more.

Woman using an arm based blood glucose monitor

Every five minutes!

The average American checks their phone every five minutes. Use some of that time to tackle your prediabetes or diabetes and improve your health.


Prevention (A1C 5.7 to 6.4)

Prediabetes doesn’t mean diabetes is inevitable. Awareness and weight management are key. Participants averaged nine pounds of weight loss from the prevention tier.

  • Healthy Weight app
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Meal tracking
  • Healthy challenges

Management (A1C 6.5 to 8)

Work with your personal coach to improve your type 2 diabetes with ease.

  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Blood glucose supplies
  • Virtual diabetes app
  • Personal coach
  • Endocrinologist telehealth visits
  • A1C test kits (at-home)

Intervention (A1C >8)

Sixty-two percent of participants with an A1C of 9 or higher had a 2.5-point reduction.

  • Continuous glucose monitor
  • Blood glucose supplies
  • Virtual diabetes app
  • Enhanced personal coaching
  • Endocrinologist telehealth visits
  • A1C test kits (at-home)

Am I eligible?

Eligible participants will receive an invitation to sign up for the free program. If you know you’re eligible and would like to participate, visit

Not eligible?

Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes or want to learn more about how to manage it? If you are not eligible for Onduo or if it’s not offered by your employer-sponsored health plan we also provide other ways to help you manage your diabetes.

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