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Case management

Your health is important

Are you looking to take control of your health? Our case management program could be an important service for you. Plus, it's included in your health plan, so you don't pay anything.

What is case management?

We focus on the whole person, ensuring you're getting help with health conditions, diseases and prescription medications, but also behavioral health support like counseling, getting a ride to doctor's appointments and much more.

Our case management is a team of people who want you to be healthy, including nurses, social workers, pharmacists and doctors. Your case management team ensures you're getting help and using all of the health benefits available to you.

A program specifically for you

Everyone doesn't have the same health goals or diagram on how to get there. Our case management program works with you to understand your goals and help you create a tailored plan to improve your health.

You'll work with the same case manager who may recommend additional programs (like chronic condition management or our maternity program), resources and opportunities that empower you to make better decisions.

At the end of the day, case management is there to make you healthier, find affordable treatment while saving you money on future healthcare costs.

Be connected

Your case manager will connect you with free digital tools, like our mobile and case management apps, virtual diabetes care program and more, so you can leverage digital care and be comfortable in the way you get help.

Talking to a case manager is easy. Once you're enrolled in the program, which takes place over the phone, you can talk or text through the app with your case manager.

How a case manager can help

In addition to finding you programs and empowering you to make healthier choices, your case manager serves other roles:

  • Better communication - Prepare you for doctor's visits, so you know what to ask to have a more productive conversation with your doctors.
  • Improved health - Discover new ways to stay healthy with preventive care and better lifestyle choices.
  • Quality care - Make sure you're seeing the right doctors at the right time and guide you through the complex healthcare system.
  • Superior participation - Be equipped to participate better in your own healthcare decisions with more information about your condition, treatment options and how to best use your health insurance.

Case managers at our company have decades of experience and knowledge to serve you regardless of your health status.

Who is a good candidate for case management?

Anyone can talk to case management about getting help. Here are some of the top reasons why a member may be in case management:

  • Live with a chronic condition like diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Have trouble paying for prescription medication, housing, etc.
  • Visit the ER frequently
  • Need help staying healthy

Someone will talk to you to identify where we can help you the most. Or we may reach out via a phone call to see if you're interested, based on your health history and conditions.

Talk to someone

Do you need to speak with a case manager? Call the number on the back of your ID card and tell the customer service representative you'd like to speak with a case manager.

Additional support

You're committed to better health by participating in case management. The ArkBlue Connect app makes it easy to talk to your nurse case manager when it's convenient for you. Use it to ask questions, discuss progress, get educational materials and more. The app allows you to:

  • Send and receive messages in real time
  • Get instant notifications about important topics
  • Access on-demand documents and materials

No more phone tag -- the ArkBlue Connect app gives you direct access messaging with your case manager.

How do I get the app? Search and download ArkBlue Connect for free from your Apple or Google Play app store. You'll need your member ID number to register your account.

The health education resources provided by case managers is for health education purposes only. We do not offer medical advice or medical services. Always consult your treating physician(s) for medical advice or services you may need. Check your member benefits for coverage of services. All information furnished by you is kept strictly confidential and only used to provide us with information necessary for participation.