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My BlueLine

Call My BlueLine for member information

Participating providers may call My BlueLine at 800-827-4814 for eligibility, claim status and benefit information for members of Arkansas Blue Cross, Health Advantage and BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas.

NOTE: Please continue using the existing telephone numbers for the following:

With this enhancement, providers will not have to call multiple telephone numbers to obtain information on a member depending upon whether the member’s coverage is with Arkansas Blue Cross, BlueAdvantage, Health Advantage or Medicare Supplement.

How to speak with a customer service representative

If at any point a caller needs to speak with a customer service representative during regular business hours, the caller simply has to say "Customer Service". At that time, the caller will be given the option to speak to a customer service representative with Arkansas Blue Cross, Health Advantage or BlueAdvantage.

Please note that for BlueAdvantage, there are several telephone lines handling self-insured employer groups. Therefore, it may become necessary to direct callers to a telephone number on the member's ID card.

Easy access to member information

Arkansas Blue Cross has streamlined the flow of calls received through My BlueLine, the self-service interactive voice response system. Callers will find easier access to important information on eligibility and claim status. Please use this self-service option for routine questions and status updates so customer service representatives will be available for any questions that cannot be answered through My BlueLine.

Remember, the same information is available through Availity Essentials portal with additional details regarding member eligibility, member benefits, claim status and information on BlueCard for out-of-state Blue Plan coverage.

Disclaimer: This information and any benefit information provided is not a guarantee of payment or coverage and is only valid if all coverage criteria is verified when we receive the claim. Coverage criteria to be verified includes, but is not limited to, payment of premium, employment status under group plans, and dependent eligibility. No payment will be made for any services in connection with which there has been any negligent or intentional misrepresentation, or failure of disclosure, of any fact relevant to an eligibility or coverage determination.