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Press releases

Arkansas Blue Cross providing online sales and service, temporarily closing retail stores

To better protect customers and employees, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield will move its sales and service exclusively online and by telephone and temporarily close its eight ArkansasBlue and regional office locations within the state. This change will occur at the close of business Friday, March 20, 2020.

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Arkansas Blue Cross and Health Advantage boost remotely delivered care during COVID-19 outbreak – including mental health

The current COVID-19 outbreak and the use of social distancing in responding to it have produced an immediate need for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Health Advantage to give fully insured members expanded health insurance benefits to promote greater access to remotely delivered services – including greatly expanded insurance benefits to help them deal with emotional/behavioral issues the outbreak may create or compound.

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Connected care = better care

I’m a country doctor at heart. For nearly three decades, it was my great privilege to serve as a family physician to people who live in the communities that make up the largely rural greater Arkadelphia area.

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Doctor’s Notes: For longer life

There is an old black-and-white photo in our home of a lovely young woman named Thelma, my wife's aunt. Thelma is smiling, sitting with her fishing pole in a small boat on a small lake, delightedly holding up a freshly caught fish.

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Registration opens for 17th Year of the Blue & You Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge asks groups of participants to log their exercise activity and to compete for points and bragging rights. Groups of colleagues, friends or family members can register to compete against other similarly sized groups from throughout the country!

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