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Find care and costs

It’s important to have the right tools to help you find the information you need to stay healthy. We have those tools available to you and everyone on your employer-sponsored health plan. An important part of staying healthy is finding a doctor—often called a primary care provider (PCP)—who is your main contact for routine visits. Your PCP knows you and your medical history and is your best bet for general health management.

Watch this brief video to help you understand more about this tool.

You can enjoy these updated features as well as those that were already available:

  • Search for in-network doctors all in one place
  • Added 1,200+ cost estimates for treatments bringing the total to 1,600+ options
  • Members can see a treatment timeline based on historical claims data*
  • Anyone can read provider reviews
  • Search for pharmacies without having to leave the tool

Find care

If you are already a member with a member ID, you can get started on your search. It will show you doctors and other health care professionals participating in your network. For the lowest cost on your care, make sure the doctor you receive services from is in your network. You also have an option to search as a guest but be aware that the directory may not have the most current information so you should always ask your doctor’s office to verify current network participation at the time of your actual visit or treatment.

More information

*May not be available for Medicare plans.