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Maternity program

Connecting moms-to-be to pregnancy resources

Free maternity program for pregnant members

Special Delivery is a prenatal pregnancy program available to you at no cost through your health plan. The program is designed to help you recognize potential problems and know when to seek medical attention. Early detection, education and treatment are key to preventing and managing high-risk conditions during pregnancy.

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Why enroll?

  • Receive, free of charge, books and other educational materials about your pregnancy and growing baby
  • Get personalized care planning with an assigned registered nurse who will contact you throughout your pregnancy and is available Monday-Friday by phone or email
  • Receive additional information and nurse support if you have a high-risk pregnancy

For more information or help with enrollment:

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Pregnancy resources

Find community resources, health education classes and other sources of information on pregnancy and prevention of preterm birth.

View pregnancy resources

Additional support

You’re committed to better health by participating in case management. The ArkBlue Connect app makes it easy to talk to your nurse case manager when it’s convenient for you. Use it to ask questions, discuss progress, get educational materials and more. The app allows you to:

  • Send and receive messages in real time
  • Get instant notifications about important topics
  • Access on-demand documents and materials

No more phone tag — the ArkBlue Connect app gives you direct access messaging with your case manager.

How do I get the app? Search and download the ArkBlue Connect app for free from your Apple app store. You’ll need your member ID number to register your account.

More information

No member should ever rely on any advice or information from the Special Delivery nurse as a substitute for the advice of her own physician. The Special Delivery program is not a substitute for the healthcare services and advice of her physician and does not assume responsibility for her medical care or advice. It is intended solely to provide general education as well as assistance in accessing health-plan benefits related to her pregnancy. You should always consult your own physician and follow his or her advice and direction with respect to all aspects of your or your child's medical care.