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Pharmacist standing behind the counter

Save money on medications

Even as the costs of medications continue to rise, you can also make the most of your pharmacy dollars by following these simple tips.

Cost saving tips

  1. Check drug list and costs before getting a prescription.
    By signing into your Blueprint Portal account, you can access the Pharmacy Center and check for potential cost savings based on your specific plan. You can also access your plan’s drug list via Blueprint Portal so you can review medications with your provider before getting a prescription.
  2. Use generic medications whenever possible.
    Generic medications are safe and effective alternatives to brand-name medications, with 9 in 10 prescriptions being for generic medications. Generics can be an affordable option for both single and combination brand-name medications. Talk with your provider about using generic medications.
  3. Use mail order for extended-day supplies.
    You may save money by having medications delivered to your home. Costs for 90-day or 100-day prescriptions are usually cheaper than three 30 days, they are delivered right to your door, free shipping + reminders prior to refill. To find out if your plan covers prescriptions by mail, sign into your Blueprint Portal account or call the number on the back of ID card.
  4. Ask your provider if they use Real-Time Benefits.
    Ask your provider whether Real-Time Benefits are available to them. This service allows the provider to look up a medication’s cost and coverage during your visit.