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Large employers dental plans

51+ employees

Good dental health is important to your employees’ overall health. You can rely on us to provide dental plan options that meet all needs and budgets.

  • Flexible and competitive plan options
  • Select plans featuring orthodontia benefits
  • Roll over unused benefits
  • Extensive network featuring top dentists and specialists (state and nationwide)

Choose the best dental insurance plan for your group.

Dental Select PPO

The most comprehensive PPO network in the state gives your employees access.

Dental Select PPO Plus

Allow employees to choose their level of savings. These dual-network plans provide the best of both worlds — access to our broad DentalBlue network and the savings of a discounted PPO network.


The value of integrated health and dental

Arkansas Blue Cross is focused on keeping your employees healthy. We’re in a better position to do that when your group’s medical and dental coverage work together. Combining your health and dental data allows us to identify members with health risks — whether medical or dental — and make sure they’re making the most of their benefits.

Dental Xtra

Our Dental Xtra program is included in all group plans and offers outreach, education and enhanced benefits for members with targeted medical conditions. By integrating medical and dental, you can give your employees added benefits and improve your employees’ overall health by focusing on dental health.

Covered ConditionsTwo Additional Cleanings or Periodontal Maintenance per YearOral Cancer Screenings Every 6 Months & Fluoride Treatments Every 3 MonthsPeriodontal Scaling Covered 100%
Coronary Artery DiseaseXX
Oral CancerXX
Head & Neck CancerXX
Sjögren’s SyndromeXX

Max Rollover

Employees keep their unspent dental dollars with the Arkansas Blue Cross dental maximum rollover benefit. Rollover a portion of unused dental benefit from year to year and help offset higher out-of-pocket costs for complex procedures or larger dental claims experienced in the future.