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Important immunizations at your pharmacy may be free

It’s easier and less expensive to prevent a disease than to treat one. Immunizations protect you from serious diseases and prevent the spread to others. Did you know that many Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield members can get immunized at the local pharmacy for no cost? It’s all part of your coverage.1 It won’t cost you a thing.

As a member of Arkansas Blue Cross, you get many important immunizations at your local in-network pharmacy for no cost.

Here's how it works:

  1. Check the list of vaccines below
  2. Go to your local in-network pharmacy
  3. Tell the pharmacist what immunization you need
  4. Wait while they process the claim
  5. Get immunized2

To avoid paying out of pocket, make sure:

If you’re asked to pay for the immunization yourself and be reimbursed from us — not only is that inconvenient, it won’t be covered.

And remember, when you get an immunization, you’re not just looking out for your own health. You’re helping prevent the spread of disease to others.

1 This benefit does not include our members with Medicare health plans. Always check your plan benefits.

2 Pharmacists in Arkansas can vaccinate children age seven and older. Those between the ages of 7 and 18 require a prescription from a physician for all immunizations except for the seasonal flu shot.

List of covered vaccines at your local pharmacy