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You want the best health care for your parents. Selecting the right Medicare plan is easier when you understand the basics. We’re here to help with information and resources to pick the best plans.

What is Medicare and what options are available for my parents?

Understanding Medicare is key to helping your parents find the right coverage. There are different parts and options to consider when it comes to Medicare coverage.

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When can my parents sign up for Medicare?

If you have a parent who is turning 65 and new to Medicare, make sure you know the dates and process for their initial enrollment. If your parents are already enrolled in Medicare plans, reviewing them during Annual Enrollment is important to ensure coverage fits their current health care needs.

Learn about eligibility and enrollment options

What should we consider when picking a Medicare plan?

Your parents will have separate coverage, so make selections based on the health concerns and preferences of each parent. Know what to consider to ensure you pick the rights plans.

We’re here to help with questions you may have about your Medicare plan needs.


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To file a marketing complaint about a sales agent or broker, call 1-800-MEDICARE or the plan’s Customer Service number. When you call, it’s important to provide the agent’s or broker’s name, if possible.