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Blood Sugar Levels – Know Your Numbers

What is glucose? Why do I have to fast? Are my blood sugar numbers normal? Why do these numbers matter? Get to know your blood sugar numbers and what they represent.

Blood Pressure – Know Your Numbers

Systolic. Diastolic. Sphygmomanometer. Learn how these terms can help you understand the health of your heart, no pressure.

Cholesterol – Know Your Numbers

What is HDL? What is LDL? Which cholesterol type is the hero and which is the loser? What's the line in the sand regarding high cholesterol? Here’s how to decipher cholesterol levels – the good, the bad and the truth.

Body Mass Index – Know Your Numbers

What does your body mass index say about your health? Your BMI can help you determine if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese. Discuss your BMI with your doctor to work towards your fitness goals.

What's Covered?

p>Many of your questions about your policy can be answered online, privately and whenever you want. My Blueprint is YOUR place for benefit and policy answers. Just watch!


What's an HSA? HRA? FSA?

What's an HSA? HRA? FSA? How can these tools help you pay large or unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs and save for the future? What is the difference between them and which ones are tax-free? Find out how special healthcare spending accounts work.

Should I Visit the ER?

Should you visit the ER? The right decision can save you time and money. Here are some reasons you should visit the ER or when you should visit your doctor instead.