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Member ID Card

Good things come in small packages. You’ll receive your member ID card—a pocket-sized description of your health plan—in the mail after you have enrolled. You will want to carry it with you, because you will use your member ID card every time you receive care.

Digital ID card

You don’t have your ID card in your wallet? We’ve got you covered. You can access a digital version of your card on the Blueprint Portal member portal or our Blueprint Portal app if you’re already in the doctor’s office.

Download the app today and have your ID card where you have your phone

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What's on your ID Card

For more information, select a number.

Disclaimer: Your card may look slightly different or have different information


Member ID number

Helps us identify who you are, the type of plan you have and how your claims are paid.

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Text message updates

Looking for updates about your health plan? Sign up to receive text messages from us and get alerts, tips and reminders sent straight to you.

Enrollment is easy. Simply update your notification preferences in your Blueprint Portal settings.