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Questions to ask on your quest to a healthier you

A thousand little things can affect your health without you even realizing it. Regularly eating a poor diet and avoiding exercise can lead to high cholesterol. Years of a stressful job or taking care of others without proper self-care can result in high blood pressure. So many things, in fact, it’s hard to stay mindful of them all. But once a year, for roughly 20 minutes or so, it’s a good idea to stop and think about how your lifestyle could be affecting your health, now and in the long-term.

For select members, Blueprint Portal has a special questionnaire, known as a health risk assessment (HRA), that can help you identify habits and medical history risks before they cause health conditions to sneak up on you.

What is a health risk assessment (HRA)?

An HRA is a series of questions about your lifestyle and medical history. Your answers provide an overview of your current risk for health problems.

Why should I take an HRA?

An HRA is a great way to understand your current health. If your results indicate you may be high-risk for certain conditions, we can show you simple steps to get your health back on track. When taken once a year, your HRA can help spot trends and give your doctor helpful information.

What do I need to complete an HRA?

The HRA asks questions about your lifestyle, such as smoking, wearing a seatbelt and drinking. So first, you’ll need to be honest. No one sees your HRA but you. Second, you'll need health measurements for your height/weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose. If you’re covered by a health plan, these tests are often included at no cost during an annual wellness exam, so visit your primary care provider (PCP) each year.

How do I access the HRA?

To get started on your HRA, sign in to your secure Blueprint Portal account. (If you aren’t registered, you’ll just need your member ID number and a couple of minutes to get started.) The HRA can be found on the Blueprint Wellness site by going to Health & Wellness > Health portal. Once inside Blueprint Wellness, create an account and answer questions to get started.

What if I can't finish the HRA or don’t have my health measurement numbers?

No problem. You can save your answers and can come back to finish it later.

Once you complete your assessment, you’ll receive a report with suggestions for how to improve your health based on the answers you gave. Next, you can create an action plan or dive into a library of helpful information. You also may be able to contact medical professionals or health coaches with questions or enroll in programs like Quit for Life®. And next year when you sign in, you’ll be able to compare annual results to see if you’ve been practicing what you’ve learned!