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Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Offers Free Self-defense Class To Fort Smith Area Residents

According to the website SafeWise, in the last year, 10 percent of Arkansans experienced a violent crime. Knowing what to do in a potentially dangerous situation could help protect you and your loved ones, as well as improve your overall wellbeing. Health experts say knowing a few simple self-defense techniques can boost your self-confidence, improve your balance, increase your physical fitness and give you peace of mind.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is proud to host a free self-defense class to River Valley residents Saturday, November 12. The class will be held at the ArkansasBlue Welcome Center in Fort Smith, 3501 Old Greenwood Road, beginning at 9 a.m. The class will be taught by a certified instructor from Krav Maga of Fort Smith.

“There are so many things that contribute to our overall wellness. Being safe and feeling safe are a big part of that,” said Arkansas Blue Cross Manager of Health and Well-being Kristen Lippencott. “While we hope they never have to use it, it is a great opportunity for the community to learn some basic skills.”

According to the National Self-defense Institute, being aware of what’s going on around you and reducing your risks, like parking in well-lit areas, account for 90 percent of personal self-defense.

“We love being part of the River Valley and a community of wonderful people. Cities like Greenwood are listed among the 10 safest cities in the state, but just knowing what to do in a potentially dangerous situation gives you peace of mind,” adds Brandy Karnes, ArkansasBlue Welcome Center manager. “This event is all about the community. There is no talk about insurance, and there is no cost. It’s all about improving our well-being.”

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art, focusing on real-world situations and situational awareness. It teaches students, first, how to avoid physical confrontation and then how to escape a situation quickly in case of an attack.

Space is limited. Participants can reserve their spots at