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Blue & You Fitness Challenge announces winners for 2019

The 2019 Blue & You Fitness Challenge winners were announced at the Challenge wrap-up event held June 24 at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock.

The Challenge is a fun way to help companies practice wellness activities and encourage their employees to increase their physical activity and address maintain a healthy weight. It began as the Arkansas Fitness Challenge in 2004, which grew from the work of Arkansas Department of Health and Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield on the Arkansas Cardiovascular Task Force. In 2008, the contest name changed to the Blue and You Fitness Challenge. Each spring, participants from throughout the country are able to form groups, log activity and compete against one another.

For three months (March 1 - May 31), participants age 13 and older log their eligible exercises to earn points. They receive messages and tips on how to make healthy choices, no matter where they are in life. Companies, schools, organizations and others are encouraged to create groups and compete against other similarly sized groups, or against groups within their own organizations. Participants exercise each week and log their activity online to receive points. The maximum number of points is 276, but the contest goal is the completion of 30 days of logging.

Since the Challenge’s website went live in 2007, it has tracked more than 100,000 participants. Participants log their exercise throughout the Challenge and receive points for their teams.

This year, 8,817 participants in from all throughout the United States competed in the Challenge. Groups ranged in size from just two people to 1,175 participants; and they averaged 53 days of exercise during the 92-day Challenge, or nearly 4 days per week.

A special Founders’ Challenge competition was held among the Challenger’s three founders: Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI) also announced the winners of its Healthy Active Arkansas Hospital Challenge and School Challenge at the event. ACHI’s challenges encourage Arkansas hospitals and schools to participate in the Blue & You Fitness Challenge and compete against each other for statewide fitness recognition. 18 hospitals and 30 schools participated this year.

The 2019 Blue & You Fitness Challenge Winners

Founders’ Challenge:

  • 1st place – Arkansas Department of Human Services
  • 2nd place – Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • 3rd place – Arkansas Department of Health

Group Category 1: (2-3 participants)

  • 1st place – Lake Area Powersports
  • 2nd place – Mamma & Big Daddy
  • 3rd place – On The Move

Group Category 2: (4-5 participants)

  • 1st place – Mission Slimpossible / Oregon Trail Blazers
  • 2nd place – Bear’s Fans
  • 3rd place – Conway Regional Health Systems

Group Category 3: (6-7 participants)

  • 1st place – Slimslimslayers
  • 2nd place – FME Bears
  • 3rd place – ADEM

Group Category 4 (8-9 participants)

  • 1st place – Carolyn Lewis
  • 2nd place – JELPace
  • 3rd place – Fat Reducing Maniacs

Group Category 5: (10-11 participants)

  • 1st place – Julia Lee Moore
  • 2nd place – Courtway Middle School
  • 3rd place – First United Bank Law Co

Group Category 6: (12-15 participants)

  • 1st place – PaceAiro MeltsAways
  • 2nd place – the Law Group of Northwest Arkansas
  • 3rd place – Arkansas Workers’ Compensation / CPSD – Central Office

Group Category 7: (16-18 participants)

  • 1st place – TDK Lambda Americas Inc.
  • 2nd place – Theordore Jones
  • 3rd place – Pace Setters

Group Category 8: (19-23 participants)

  • 1st place – Patterson Mold and Tool
  • 2nd place – Legacy TPC
  • 3rd place – Arkansas Best Federal Credit Union

Group Category 9: (24-29 participants)

  • 1st place – Fabulous FHS SPED Team / Umarex USA
  • 2nd place – PACE HRO No Pain No Gain Gang
  • 3rd place – Arkansas Agriculture Department / CrossRidge Community Hospital

Group Category 10: (30-41 participants)

  • 1st place – K&K Veterinary Supply, Inc.
  • 2nd place – ACHI
  • 3rd place – PB2 Architecture + Engineering

Group Category 11: (42-99 participants)

  • 1st place – FIS Little Rock
  • 2nd place – City of La Mesa
  • 3rd place – Harrison French & Associates, Ltd.

Group Category 12: (100+ participants)

  • 1st place – Summit Utilities Inc.
  • 2nd place – Farmers Bank & Trust
  • 3rd place – Searcy Public Schools