Service Number ID Number begins or formatted as
Arkansas Blue Cross Doctor
and Hospital Service
501-378-2307 or 1-800-827-4814
(Arkansas policies only)
(examples) XCA, XCJ, XCP
BlueCard® Service 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) AAA + up to 17 additional alphanumeric characters
The BlueLine 1-800-676-BLUE (2583)
(benefits for all
out-of-state policies)
AAA + six to nine numeric digits
FEP Service 1-800-482-6655
(federal policies only)
State and School
Employee Service
1-501-378-2364 or 1-800-482-8416
(state and school
employee policies only)
XCS followed by 960 and a six-digit number
Health Advantage Service 1-800-843-1329
(HMO, POS, OA and HSA policies)
XCH + K and an eight-digit number
TYZ + T and an eight-digit number
XCW + K and an eight digit number
BTU + K and an eight digit number
HBS + K and an eight digit number
BlueAdvantage Administrators
of Arkansas Service
1-888-872-2531 AAA + A + eight numeric digits + a two-digit suffix
Integrated Health 1-800-451-7302
(precertification of
inpatient admissions only)