Let Other Members Learn From Your Experience.

Now you have the ability to go online and review your recent doctor's office visit!

review your doctor

Let others learn from your experience during your last doctor's office visit. By rating this doctor or healthcare professional (e.g., nurse practitioner), you are giving other Blue members the benefit of your experience with this doctor and his staff. Rating doctors helps others make decisions as to whether a doctor is right for them. Rating your personal experience with this doctor is a great way to share your observations with others.

the tool works like this:

  • You go to the doctor and a claim is filed.

  • Go online to our member self-service portal, My Blueprint, and visit the "Claims Center."

  • Select the visit you want to review (only those after January 23, 2012, are available for review). Rate your experience
    with the doctor, and complete a brief comment section.

  • Submit the review. The content of any comments submitted is moderated.

  • The results will appear in the "Find a doctor" section of our websites (both our public sites and within the "Find a doctor" tool on our member self-service in the future).

guidelines for comments

  1. Limit your comments to 600 characters or less.

  2. Comments should be related to your experience with this specific doctor or healthcare professional (e.g., nurse
    practitioner). If you have a question about your health insurance plan, please email us.

  3. Comments will be reviewed by a moderator prior to posting so there will be a delay until it appears within our "Find a
    Doctor" Web section. Comments will be listed by date, and there will not be a name attached to the comments.

  4. Comments will not be posted if they contain inappropriate language, personal information, links, copyrighted material,
    or do not relate to the doctor being reviewed.

  5. After you submit your rating and comments, you will be unable to withdraw or edit your submitted doctor rating.

  6. A single star represents the lowest rating, while five stars represents the highest rating.