Understanding Your Personal Health Statement (PHS)

Your Personal Health Statement (PHS) is designed to help you better understand your recent medical and prescription claims including:

  • Total amounts charged
  • Your discounts just for being a member
  • What your health plan paid on your claims
  • And what you owe, or may have paid, to your medical provider

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is providing you with this information so you can be a more informed member when it comes to paying for healthcare costs.

For more information, select a number below

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Select a number on the PHS to learn more.


The medical or prescription amount charged.


Your member discount.


The amount your doctor or hospital charged (minus the discount).


The amount paid by your health plan.


The amount you may have already paid or might owe – this is not a bill amount.


This is typically general health-and-wellness information to help you make healthy and informed decisions.


This section helps you better understand exactly where you are with your out-of-pocket costs: deductibles, copayments and coinsurance.

It also shows you your copayment amounts for medical services and prescription drugs.