Update Your Policy

Other Plans

OEP for all other individual and family health plans begins October 1 and runs through December 15. Change forms related to OEP must be received (not just postmarked) by Arkansas Blue Cross no later than December 15. Changes to existing policies will be effective January 1 or 15, depending on the policy billing cycle.

During this Open Enrollment Period (OEP), members may:

Request changes to their policy, such as:

  • Adding or deleting dependents
  • Increasing or decreasing deductible
  • Adding or deleting maternity
  • Requesting removal of surcharges or exclusions

For a complete list of changes, notification periods and documentation requirements:

An Underwriting Change Form [pdf, 1337 KB] is required if you are:

  • Adding a dependent to your policy
    • Dependents age 18 or younger cannot be declined coverage but will be medically underwritten and may be surcharged based on medical conditions.
    • Dependents age 19 or older will be medically underwritten and may be surcharged or denied coverage based on medical conditions.
  • Increasing your policy benefits by:
    • Lowering the deductible
    • Raising the coinsurance percentage
    • Lowering the calendar-year coinsurance maximum
    • Adding the maternity rider
  • Requesting that a surcharge or exclusion be removed.

A Non-Underwriting Change Form [pdf, 1426 KB] is required if you are:

  • Deleting a dependent from your policy
  • Decreasing your policy benefits by:
    • Raising the deductible
    • Lowering the coinsurance percentage
    • Raising the calendar-year coinsurance maximum
    • Deleting the maternity rider

You may print out a change form and submit or contact your agent:

For additional information call Customer Service at 1-800-238-8379.