BlueCard® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Where do I go to receive medical care if I am traveling or living outside of Arkansas (my home Blue Plan service area)? If it's an emergency, go directly to the nearest hospital. To find a doctor or hospital in the area where you are traveling or living, call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583).
  2. What do I pay for services? The benefits under your Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield home Plan will be applied. For example, if your copayment is $100 in Arkansas, it will be $100 no matter where you are visiting or living.
  3. How does the claim get filed? The host Blue Plan will file the claim.
  4. What telephone number should I call for customer service if I live out of state? And, what number do I call for service when I return to Arkansas? Call your home Plan. The Customer Service numbers are:
    Arkansas Blue Cross 1-800-800-4298
    BlueAdvantage 1-888-872-2531
    Health Advantage 1-800-843-1329
    Wal-Mart service by Blue Advantage 1-866-823-3790
    ALLTEL service by Arkansas Blue Cross 1-866-800-4298
    State and Public School Employees 1-800-482-8416
  5. How can I get a prescription filled when I am traveling or living outside of Arkansas? To find a participating pharmacy, call the pharmacy telephone number on the back of your ID card.
  6. How long will the entire process take? The entire process — from the time the claim is filed until it is finalized and paid — could be from 14 to 24 days. The amount of time also depends on whether there are any issues that need resolution.
  7. Can I visit an out-of-network provider when traveling or living in another area? You have the option of using a non-participating hospital or doctor, but you may have to pay that provider directly and then file a claim with Arkansas Blue Cross for reimbursement of covered expenses. Also, a non-participating provider may not accept the plan's allowances as payment in full; therefore, you would be responsible for any amount over these allowances. Coverage may vary, so contact Arkansas Blue Cross for details.