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Youth Diabetes Education Program

If your child has diabetes:

Helping a child learn how to manage diabetes can be a challenge for any parent. The On The Level Youth Diabetes Program is a free and voluntary mail-only program that is available to eligible members.

Age-appropriate messages:

The program is divided into four age-specific groups with printed materials for each age level. Information and resources for children ages three and under are mailed to the parent. Beginning at age 4, mailings have messages and information designed for parents and children. The information is mailed each month.

Youth diabetes resources:

Find age-specific diabetes resources and toll-free numbers in our youth diabetes resource list [pdf].

Waived deductible on testing supplies:

We recognize the benefits of routine blood sugar testing for people with diabetes. To encourage our members with diabetes to continue this important activity, we will waive the deductible for blood glucose testing supplies (lancets and testing strips) for members who are currently, or were previously, enrolled in the On The Level Youth Diabetes Program (for children and adolescents ages 17 and younger) or the adult Diabetes Education Program. To see if you qualify, call 1-800-686-2609.

For more information, select the appropriate age group for On the Level diabetes materials:

Monthly mailings help parents who are eligible members understand current diabetes care as they learn how to keep their babies and toddlers healthy.

  • Babies/Toddler book.
  • Basic Diabetes care
  • Injection sites
  • Sick day plan
  • Child care by others
  • Diabetes record tools
  • Growth chart with immunizations
  • Infant and toddler development
  • Life balance

Download the member enrollment form [pdf] for ages 0 - 3.

Dina the Diabeetle provides a fun way for children of eligible members to explore diabetes information. Parent-only articles provide important diabetes health tips.

  • Parent resource book
  • Teaching coloring books
  • Diabetes Basics: glucose testing, injection sites, sick day plan, exercise and meal planning
  • Hypo and hyperglycemia sheets
  • Reward charts/stickers
  • Child health magazines
  • Child development/life balance

Download the member enrollment form [pdf] for ages 4 - 6.

Cool mailings talk directly to school-age children of eligible members about growing up with diabetes. Parents receive useful diabetes care tools.

  • Type 1 and type 2 materials
  • Child diabetes books and fun sheets
  • Carb counting and exercise
  • School resource book and care plans for special events
  • Health magazines — three age levels
  • Child development/life balance
  • Diabetes diary and immunization record

Download the member enrollment form [pdf] for ages 7-13.

Information written in a teen-friendly style speaks to diabetes concerns while helping teens of eligible members feel confident about a healthy future. Up-to-date diabetes materials support parents of teens.

  • Type 1 and type 2 materials for teen and parent
  • Teen diabetes basic newsletters
  • Carb counting and exercise
  • School diabetes and ER plan
  • Teen health magazines — driving, body image and stress management
  • Child development/life balance
  • Health records and tracking tools

Download the member enrollment form [pdf] for ages 14-17.

Here's how to join and get started on a plan!

Download the age-specific member enrollment form above and return it in one of four ways:

  1. Fax to 501-378-6693
  2. Scan and email to HealthEducationTeam
  3. Mail to:
    Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
    Health Education Programs
    320 West Capitol Ave
    Little Rock, AR 72206
  4. You also can call your nearest ArkansasBlue welcome center and ask for a Registered Nurse case manager to discuss the program and receive assistance in enrolling in the On the Level Diabetes Program.
We hope you will join the On The Level Youth Diabetes Program. Together, we can help you take better care of your child’s health.

Health information and education from community and national resources follow the guidelines set forth by the American Diabetes Association.

Questions? Call the toll-free HEP Helpline at 800-686-2609.

Please note: The On The Level Youth Diabetes Program is for health education purposes only. We do not offer medical advice or medical services. Always consult your treating physician(s) for any medical advice or services you may need. You, as a member, are responsible for selecting providers, services or products. Check your member benefits for coverage of services. All information furnished by you is kept strictly confidential and only used to provide us with information necessary for participation in the On The Level Youth Diabetes Program.