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Dental plans

At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we understand the challenges you face providing benefits for your employees. That’s why you can rely on us to provide a flexible range of dental plan options that meet all needs and budgets.

  • Flexible and competitive plan options
  • Select plans featuring orthodontia benefits
  • No claim forms for in-network dentists
  • Rollover unused benefits
  • Extensive networks featuring top dentists and specialists (state and nationwide)

Choose the best dental insurance plan for your group. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a wide range of dental plans, including both traditional and voluntary coverage.

Dental Select PPO Plus

Allow employees to choose their level of savings. These duel-network plans provide the best of both worlds — access to our broad DentalBlue network and savings of the discounted PPO network.

The value of combined health and dental

Arkansas Blue Cross is focused on keeping our members healthy. We’re in a better position to do that when your group’s medical and dental coverage work together. Combining your health and dental data allows us to identify members with health risks — whether medical or dental — and make sure they’re making the most of their benefits.

Our unique Dental Xtra program is included in all group plans and offers outreach, education and enhanced benefits for members with targeted medical conditions. By integrating medical and dental, you can improve your employees’ overall health by focusing on dental health.