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Code of Business Conduct

Standard 2

Report Data Truthfully and Accurately. We must each take special care to ensure that information is recorded and reported accurately and honestly.

Each of us is responsible for ensuring that the information we record and report as part of our daily job duties is truthful and accurate. Truthful and accurate reporting includes the correct reporting of the time we have worked, our business expenses, our own production or performance data and the production and performance data of the company, and any other business-related activities on which we must record and/or report data.

It is especially important that we each report and record information in connection with company contracts accurately and truthfully. No company employee may intentionally allocate costs to contracts in a manner that is contrary to the contract's provisions or contrary to appropriate accounting practices. In addition, no company employee may inaccurately identify labor costs in the company's records or submit or instruct another company employee to submit time charges which do not accurately reflect actual time worked on a particular contract. If you have a question about how data related to a particular contract should be recorded, you should discuss it with your supervisor, the company's legal department, and/or the company compliance officer.

This standard also specifically prohibits the falsification of any information in any company record or document. If a co-worker or supervisor asks or instructs you to report data that is not accurate or truthful, or to falsify data in any company record or document, don't do it. Get in touch with the company's compliance officer immediately and explain the situation and your concerns to him or her.

Any company employee who violates this standard will be subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions, up to and including termination for cause where appropriate.

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