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Code of Business Conduct

Standard 10

Safeguard Company Assets. Company employees should not use company assets for personal reasons unless they receive specific prior approval from their supervisor.

In general, company assets should be used for business purposes only. For this reason, you may not use company assets for personal financial gain unrelated to company business. Company assets include your time, along with items such as office supplies, computer equipment, telephone equipment, copying machines and computer software.

The company's electronic mail system is the property of the company and should be used for company business purposes. Except for incidental personal use allowed under the limited circumstances and restrictions set forth in the company's written electronic mail policy, the electronic mail system should not be used to send messages of a personal nature and should not be used to conduct business other than company business. Employees should review and follow the specific guidelines and requirements of the company's written electronic mail policy, so as to conduct electronic mail communications in the same professional and respectful manner as all other internal or external plan communications among employees and with customers and the public.

The company may monitor employees' use of the electronic mail system on an "as needed" basis in a manner consistent with applicable state and federal law as more specifically provided in our separate email policy. Any such monitoring will only be conducted by company authorized personnel in order to protect the company's legitimate business interests. By using the company's electronic mail system, all employees consent to this monitoring at the discretion of the company.

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