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Code of Business Conduct

Standard 1

At a Minimum, Ethical Professionalism Requires Legal Compliance. For this reason, we must conduct company business in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations at all times.

One of the purposes of the company's Compliance Program is to educate each of us about our obligations under the law. The company is subject to a wide variety of laws and regulations, some of which address, for example, licensure requirements, accuracy in records, confidentiality concerns, patient treatment issues, and reimbursement of providers and the company by Medicare. Thus, in order to comply with this standard, we must each be knowledgeable about the laws, regulations and contractual obligations applicable to our lines of business, particularly those implicated by our individual duties. The company will conduct regular training on compliance issues in general, with specific programs tailored to each of our individual lines of business.

We are each responsible for ensuring our own compliance with laws, regulations and contractual obligations that are applicable to the company. We are also responsible for asking questions when we are uncertain about the propriety or legality of particular conduct and for reporting specific instances of noncompliance with applicable laws, regulations, contractual obligations or these standards, of which we are or become aware.

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