About Us


Helping clinics improve patient care

If you've ever felt that navigating the healthcare system is overwhelming, you're not alone. Between scheduling and remembering appointments, bringing the right records, and filling prescriptions, it's a wonder people have time to get well!

That's why Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is working with healthcare leaders around the state and nation to develop a more personalized and comprehensive healthcare experience for you and your family.

In 2010 we began a two-year pilot program working with five primary care practices across the state to transform into patient centered medical homes (PCMHs). These pioneering clinics implemented changes to improve their patients' health by emphasizing preventive care, improving access, and changing the way patients and providers share information with each other. The focus changed from "reactive" care to "proactive" care, empowering patients with a more mindful approach to health and wellness.

The pilot resulted in:

  • fewer emergency visits
  • lower readmission rates
  • more appropriate emergency utilization
  • increased prescribing of generic drugs.

The success of our program helped secure Arkansas one of only seven spots in a separate nationwide, federally funded trial.

We want our members to be the first to benefit from groundbreaking projects, so placing ourselves at the forefront of healthcare is a priority for Arkansas Blue Cross. Please contact us at 1-800-238-8379 with any questions or to locate your nearest PCMH clinic.