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Bringing healthcare to the workplace

It's no wonder that work, family and life responsibilities get in the way of focusing on wellness: making healthy lifestyle changes requires education, planning and time.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield wanted to help its employees overcome these challenges by providing an on-site health clinic where they and their family members could be seen for a variety of services.

With healthcare so accessible, the value and benefits of the clinic were quickly established. Healthstat Arkansas (a partnership between Arkansas Blue Cross and Healthstat Inc.) offers the same convenient, quality healthcare services to employers.

Pace Industries, a company based out of northwest Arkansas, shared Arkansas Blue Cross' interest in promoting healthy living, and opened six Healthstat Arkansas clinics at their facilities throughout the country.

By removing barriers like time and cost, Pace has begun to improve, and even save, lives. Their clinics have reported such successes as preventing a heart attack, helping significantly reduce cholesterol, and helping someone who has smoked for more than half his life quit tobacco.

The Healthstat Arkansas clinics are another way Arkansas Blue Cross is bringing healthcare directly to our members. If you'd like more information about partnering with us to provide the ultimate in care to your employees, please contact Alicia Berkemeyer, director of Enterprise Networks Special Projects, at (501) 378-2450.