Medi-Pak® Advantage Terms and Conditions

Medi-Pak Advantage Terms and Conditions

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers two Medicare Advantage private fee-for-service plans: Medi-Pak® Advantage MA and Medi-Pak® Advantage MA-PD. A Medicare Advantage Private Fee-For-Service plan works differently than a Medicare supplement plan. The doctor or hospital must agree to accept the plan's terms and conditions prior to providing healthcare services, with the exception of emergencies. If the doctor or hospital does not agree to accept our payment terms and conditions, they may not provide healthcare services, except in emergencies.

Out-of-state Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service Plans

If you provide health-care services to a member of another Blue Plan's Medicare Advantage private fee-for-service (PFFS) plan, you do so under that Blue Plan's Terms and Conditions. Medicare Advantage PFFS Terms and Conditions may vary for each Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plan, and we advise you to review the Terms and Conditions before providing services to Medicare Advantage PFFS plan members from out of state.

View Terms and Conditions for out-of-state Medicare Advantage private fee-for-service plan members.