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One Mom's Top 10 Favorite Places to Shop Online

If you are a last-minute shopper OR a busy mom looking for gifts in the online world OR have had to return five things already so free shipping is a must ... then you are just like me!

Here are the best places that I've found to shop online:
  1. Amazon — Free shipping (if you can wait a week or so). However, I've found that it usually arrives sooner than that if you buy from Amazon. And, the return process is so easy. No hassle, no fuss. They also currently have "Holiday Flurry Deals Week" where you can find deals on toys for the kids or your hubby. Check out the website at
  2. Best Buy — Free shipping with no minimum purchase required at And, you don't have to fight the crowds! Also, Best Buy offers a "Deal of the Day" every day, and ... I love this ... a "gift center" where they help you search for that perfect gift for "kids" or "him" or "her" or "teens."
  3. Kohl's — I don't care what anyone says, I love Kohl's in the store or online ( I have some boots that I purchased for $15 last season (thanks to a sale and Kohl's cash). I get compliments on them all the time. So I know you can find great deals there ... between sales and discounts and Kohl's cash. They offer free shipping with a $50 purchase, but they don't use the fastest shipping method I've ever seen. However, it's sooo easy to return things to Kohl's (even if you ordered online, you can return it to the store).
  4. L.L. Bean — When you are looking for a jacket or shoes or outdoor gear for the outdoorsy types in your life, L.L. Bean ( has gifts for men and women, and a list of gifts under $25. And, again, free shipping with no minimum purchase required.
  5. Forever 21 — If you have a daughter in the "teen" years, you have probably been to this store. And, if you are prone to migraines like me, you probably wanted out. But the girls love it, and they have great deals online at this holiday season (and they are inexpensive on a daily basis anyway). Also, free shipping on orders of $50 or more.
  6. Toys "R" Us — My kids are way beyond this age, but they do offer free shipping with a $49 or more purchase. The website ( features more than 300 deals and you can shop by price. They also feature a "gift finder" where you answer a few questions about the kiddo you are shopping for, and they will offer suggestions.
  7. Zappo's — Free shipping with no minimum purchase required at I like this website because it's easy to use and has LOTS and LOTS of stuff for men and women. They also feature a "Gift Guide" to help you find the perfect gift. And, they do offer a list of ideas — all under $100.
  8. Sonic — OK, this is personal. I love "the" Sonic. You can't go wrong buying someone a Sonic gift card. And, you can purchase them online at Anyone can use a gift card from Sonic.
  9. Target — Online or in the store, Target has Christmas deals every day. Also, free shipping if you spend $50 online at
  10. Walmart — Shop online for specials on toys, electronics and gives for $10 or less. Spend $45 and, if you order by December 19, get free shipping from

Good luck, and get busy. Only a few more shopping days until Christmas. Let us know on our Mother Hood Facebook page if you find any great deals online or in your neighborhood.

Written by Kelly, mom of two college kids and avid online shopper.

December 2011