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Living with a picky eater

If the only green or orange foods your child will put in his or her mouth have a hard candy shell, you may have a picky eater. Try as you might, it is difficult to break through to some kids that natural colors are good for them and their plate should look like a rainbow instead of the beige of chicken nuggets and French fries.

Many parenting magazines and websites will tell you that if you start your children early, they will be more open to different foods. This is a great strategy, but stepparents don't always have that influence in the early years. If you are faced with an older picky eater, you may have to resort to more devious practices, like hiding it in flavorful recipes.

These resources give great tips on healthy eating for picky eaters:

Jennifer is the proud mom of two amazing girls, one of whom is shared with her mom in Pennsylvania.

September 2011