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Kids' Gifts on a Budget- December 2011

Toys are becoming more complicated and more expensive each year. One dad gives his ideas on finding great gifts your kids will love, but that don't break the bank.

Gifts that Make a Difference- December 2011

Remember the true meaning of the holiday season? Why not do good while celebrating by buying gifts that make a difference.

New Year's Traditions- December 2011

Do your New Year's celebration plans include ringing in the New Year with singing Auld Lang Syne, shooting off fireworks and then settle in the next day for some black-eyed peas? Find out where these traditions originated.

Top 10 Favorite Places to Shop Online- December 2011

If you are a last-minute shopper OR a busy mom looking for gifts in the online world OR have had to return five things already so free shipping is a must ... then you'll love this list!

Time for Mom- August 2011

Finding time for yourself makes you a happier and healthier mom.

4 Quick Energy Boosters for New Moms- May 2011

You're home with your newborn and sleep deprivation has taken on a whole new meaning. Here are some simple tips from that can help give you that much-needed energy boost.