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Make life simpler, get him his own bag.

Some dads just have a knack for knowing what their babies need; some need more help planning for an afternoon without mom. The pressure of what to do and what to take can be overwhelming, especially for first time dads.

To avoid frantic phone calls from your hubby because he can't find "anything" while you're enjoying a little "me time," plan ahead and get him his own dude diaper bag that he won't be embarrassed to tote.

What to pack?

  • Diapers - one for each hour you'll be out, plus a few extra – just in case.
  • Wipes - for diaper changes, sticky hands, and wiping dirty surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer – just because ... diaper changes can be messy.
  • Changing pad - many diaper bags come with one, but you can get disposable changing pads or reusable pads at most baby stores.
  • Plastic bags - for storing soiled diapers and clothes.
  • Bottle(s) - of formula or expressed breast milk if you're bottle-feeding.
  • Diaper Rash Cream – always keep a tube of your preferred brand because diaper rash makes for a cranky baby.
  • Snacks (for older babies and toddlers) - depending on your child's age, you may need a jar of baby food and spoon or finger foods. Don't forget to throw in a bib to prevent messes.
  • Sippy cup (for toddlers) – bring an extra bottle of water or juice.
  • Blanket - to cover your baby or use as a changing pad, bib, shade or burp cloth.
  • Extra clothes for your child – because spit-up, drool, spills and poop explosions happen.
  • Pacifier or other comfort item – babies get fussy and comfort items help soothe them.
  • Sunscreen or a hat – it's important to protect your child from the sun.
  • Tissues – for runny, drippy noses.

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August 2011