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Pharmacy Program

Escalating drug costs are a primary contributor to the rising costs of health care. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s unique approach to pharmacy benefits is reducing pharmacy cost trends for employers.

How we work to save you money:

  • Formulary structure and member copayments that encourage the use of generic drugs where appropriate. Our generic dispense rate is among the top in our industry, which means lower cost for you.
  • We contract directly with Arkansas pharmacies and pass that savings directly to our customers.
  • We manage our own rebate program so our employers avoid hidden fees normally charged by pharmacy benefit managers. 100% of the rebates are credited back to the premiums.
  • Fast and efficient service with planning directed toward assistance to our members. Saving our members unnecessary expense is an important feature of this benefit.
  • Point of sales claims processing technology eliminates the need for paper claims and saves our members unnecessary expenses.
  • Concurrent drug review to monitor safety and prevent drug interactions.

With our Pharmacy Program, you get:

  • Competitively priced drugs.
  • Access to a broad pharmacy network.
  • The kind of service you have come to expect from Arkansas Blue Cross.
  • Access to health information resources to keep your employees healthy.

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