Fearless Food Fight

We put the fun in funnel

Fighting Hunger in Arkansas

As part of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield's 70th anniversary, we are committed to providing healthy food and fighting food insecurity throughout the year. Watch the funnel fill as we make progress towards our pledge to pack 700,000 meals to fight hunger in Arkansas.

We will also reach out to schools, businesses and community organizations to help us pack these meals and stock food banks and empty pantries in vulnerable communities. For many Arkansans, it could be what gets them through lean times.

Providing healthy food helps our citizens take a step toward better health and a better life. We hope you will help us make it better … together.

Feeding Communities

  • March 12, 2018
  • Union Station, Little Rock
  • Arkansas Blue Cross Employees and other Hunger Fighters
  • Goal: Pack 30,000 meals

Watch our progress

100k 700,000 Meals Pledged