Group Administrator's Manual


As the administrator of your group's health benefits, we know that your employees look to you for answers to their health insurance questions.

In an effort to make your job easier, we have designed the Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Group Administrator's Manual with you in mind.

We realize there are times when you will need the expertise of your group marketing representative, service representative or your independent agent. However, we also know that with reliable, current information, you are perfectly capable of answering many of your employees' questions. Not only does this save you time, but it can strengthen the relationship you have with your employees.

We hope this manual will be useful. Please let us know if there are additional steps we can take to improve our working relationship with you.

This Group Administrator's Manual is only a guide. This description is not legally binding. The controlling terms of the Plan are set forth in the Benefit Certificate incorporated in the Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Group Policy. Any discrepancies between this guide and the Benefit Certificate will be resolved in favor of the Benefit Certificate.

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