Group Administrator's Manual

Hospital Admission Pre-Certification/Pre-Notification Requirements

For more information, please see the member's health plan ID card for the toll-free number to call. If you have questions about any of the requirements listed below, call the Customer Service or Provider Service number on the back of the ID card.

Admission Pre-Certification Requirements for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and its Affiliates

Product Line Inpatient Admission Pre-Certification Outpatient Pre-Certification
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield NO
Exceptions: Federal Employees (FEP) and out of network
Federal Employee Program (FEP) YES
Please note: All FEP ID cards have the Arkansas Blue Cross logo and begin with "R"
Access Only YES
Please note: Any ID card with the Arkansas' FirstSource logo (without the Blue Cross and Blue Shield symbols) requires pre-certification
Health Advantage NO
Exception: out of network
BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas Refer to employer plan document Refer to employer plan document

If you have questions regarding pre-certification requirements for any of our products, please call Customer Service.

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