Group Administrator's Manual

How to File a Claim

We have made it easier for you and your employees to file a claim. Whenever medical treatment is received at a physician's office, hospital or other healthcare provider, your employee should present an Arkansas Blue Cross ID card. This is the first step toward receiving benefits under the benefit program.

In most cases, the provider will file a claim. Arkansas Blue Cross then will pay the healthcare provider and send the employee a Personal Health Statement showing the amount of payment and the amount the employee is responsible for paying as well as other important information.

If a physician will not file a claim directly, the employee should obtain an itemized bill, complete the top section of the claim form, attach the itemized bill, and send it to:

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
P.O. Box 2181
Little Rock, AR 72203-2181
Attn: Claims

As always, if you or your employees have any questions about a claim, please call customer service for help. We are happy to serve you.

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