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Group Billing Procedures

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Group Remittance Due Date

Your group billing payment is due on the first day of the billing cycle (payment by the due date will ensure that changes are reflected on your next billing). You should receive your group billing approximately 10 days prior to the due date. Payment for healthcare protection is, therefore, paid in advance. For example, if your due date is the first of the month, payment is received and credited for the first day through the end of the month. If your due date is the 15th of each month, pre-payment would extend from the 15th of the month through the 14th of the next month.


Group Billing Instructions

Please refer to the sample billing links under "Group Billing Instructions" above.


Pages one and two of Group Bill - Instructions

Page one is for all adjustments (deletions) for employees terminating employment. Page two is a duplicate of Page one for your records.

Example: Deletions
To complete adjustment area, enter employee name, ID number, and amount of adjustment "Minus." Adjustment should only be taken for employees that have ended their employment since the last billing.

It's important to note that if your company fails to provide timely notice of a change in the eligibility status of an employee or dependent, it will result in the group being liable to Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield for any claims paid in error.

  • Your Group Number will appear in this position on each page of the group billing.

  • An Invoice Number is assigned to every statement.

  • The Group Billing Summary includes the roster total, amounts due/credited from prior billings, adjustments and the total amount due.

Calculate your amount of adjustments and enter it in the space provided under the amount due. Subtract the "total of adjustments" from the amount due and enter in the space provided for total premium remitted. (Please make sure that you return page one with your check; your check matches the total premium remitted; and that your group and invoice numbers are on the check.)


Page One of Group Bill - Sample:


Anywhere Arkansas

000 East Broadway

North Little Rock AR 72203


Group Number:

Invoice Number:

Coverage Period:

Date Prepared:

For Billing Questions:

Unit ID:




  09/01/07 to 10/01/97




Payment due: 09/01/97

*** Group Billing Summary ***

Roster Total $492.00
Carry Forward  
Deletions due to terminations

Amount Due


Total Premium Remitted ________
  Please return this page with your payment.
Use the return envelope to mail your payment.
Remember to write your group number on your check.

Note: All Adjustments to the invoice amount must be recorded below or on a separate sheet. In lieu of this, a photocopy of your billing with the adjustments indicated may be forwarded with your payment.

Adjustments: (Deletions only – Do not add or make changes to bill)

Name ID Number Amount +/-

Total of Adjustments

$ _________________



Page Three of Group Bill - Description

This page provides a roster listing of each member of your group.

  • Benefit Package — A detailed description of the health benefits provided within your group's policy.

  • Contract Type — Examples of contract types are employee, employee/children, employee/spouse, and family.

  • Employee Adjustments — Adjustments will be listed following the member roster.

  • Outstanding Invoices — If, at the time the billing was generated, your group had outstanding invoices (or billings), those invoice number(s), due date(s), and amount(s) due would be recapped in this area.


Page Four of Group Bill - Description

Contract Type Counts

This section contains benefit package descriptions, which are descriptions of each benefit package listing all contract types provided in each package and the total number covered in each package.



eBill Manager is an online invoice presentation, adjustment and payment system. The system allows you to receive and pay your health plan invoices electronically. eBill Manager provides:
  • Secure invoice delivery
  • The ability to make adjustments to the invoice
  • Online payment capabilities
  • Consolidated invoices (health, dental, life and vision)
  • The capability to accrue up to 18 months of invoice history online
  • Ability to download invoices into Excel or PDF formats
  • Ability to construct reports from invoices

Due to the electronic delivery of invoices, eBill Manager allows for invoices to be created two weeks later than traditional paper invoices, resulting in more time for transactions related to the health plan to be created and processed. The result is invoicing that more accurately reflects the status of your health plan membership.

In addition, eBill Manager allows you to make adjustments to the invoice for situations where cancellations or coverage reductions were not already created. Follow the online instructions to remove employees that no longer are on the health plan or to adjust the coverage level (employee only, family coverage, etc). Your payment due amount will be appropriately adjusted.

A condition of using eBill Manager is the requirement to obtain and retain all change form documents (signed by the employee) authorizing changes to coverage levels or for dropping health coverage. While these documents no longer are required to be submitted to create these transactions, it is required that these documents be retained by the employer as a condition of the e-billing contract.

NOTE: Invoices cannot be adjusted for additions to the health plan membership; all additions to the health plan still required an employee application. Subsequent invoices will show the results from the additions.

eBill Manager is supported by the regional internal and external group service representatives. For help in obtaining access to eBill Manager or for assistance in using the product, please contact your local regional office.


BluesEnroll Groups

Please remember that you're required to obtain and retain all "Change Form" documents (signed by the employee) authorizing changes to coverage levels or for dropping health coverage.

Additions to the health plan membership must be made through BluesEnroll, and the invoice cannot be adjusted to reflect new enrollees (these will be adjusted on the next invoice).