COBRA Administration

Ceridian Benefits Services, Inc., the nation's largest COBRA administrator, is an independent company that has been providing COBRA compliance services to Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield group business since 1993. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Health Advantage and BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas currently contract with Ceridian on behalf of more than 1,000 group employers with more than 64,000 contracts.

Ceridian provides these group employers with a system to assist them in complying with COBRA law, thereby enabling them to avoid severe legal and financial penalties associated with noncompliance. Among the services provided to the employer are:

  • Billing of COBRA premiums;
  • Adjudication of eligibility;
  • Premium collection;
  • Processing of ongoing COBRA transactions on behalf of the group;
  • Retention of documentation;
  • Supplying forms for use in administering COBRA;
  • Provision of expert legal guidance in the area of COBRA law.

For more information, visit the Ceridian Benefits website.