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Position Description

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield - EXEMPT POSITION DESCRIPTION

Position:  Systems Ana Prog II
Reports To: 
Division:  Health Info Networks (0072)
Company:  ABCBS
Location:  Label
Job Code:  035012
Min Salary:   58700
Date Posted:  11/5/2013

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Position Specific Requirements: No position specific requirements.

Job Summary
This position is responsible for the analysis, development, maintenance, problem tracking, and testing of AHIN software applications and programs.  The incumbent is expected to make recommendations of workable solutions to processing problems.  All deliverables should be timely and cost effective.  This position is also accountable for assisting in the testing and installation of AHIN system updates.

Nature & Scope
This position reports to the Manager, AHIN Operations.  The incumbent is able to work independently and only requires general direction for the majority of activities.  The incumbent works closely with AHIN development staff, Health Information Networks staff, EMC support staff, other Enterprise wide technical staff, as well as internal and external users to ensure user/customer requests, problems, and questions are researched and resolved in a timely manner.  The incumbent designs, codes, modifies, debugs and documents computer programs.  This position requires the incumbent have some user department contacts at the operations level as well as extensive interface with Information Systems personnel.  


The incumbent must possess excellent communication skills, both oral and written to ensure that a productive and cooperative climate is maintained with all customers of the AHIN system.

Minimum Job Requirements

Level 2

1. Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university (pref. degree in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, etc.) prior experience in Applications Systems Programming Design and Analysis with emphasis in the areas of C, C++, Java, AIX Unix and DB2.

2. Experience with the AHIN system. Related application programming experience in an AIX Unix environment may be substituted.

3. Experience with SQL/PLSQL.  Related database access methods may be substituted. 

4.  Experience with HIPAA transactions (e.g. ANSI-837, ANSI-835, ANSI-270/271, ANSI-276/277) or industry standard transactions and/or regulations based on the industry experience.

Security Requirements
This position is identified as level three (3). This position must ensure the security and confidentiality of records and information to prevent substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, or unfairness to any individual on whom information is maintained. The integrity of information must be maintained as outlined in the company Administrative Manual.

Segregation of Duties
Segregation of duties will be used to ensure that errors or irregularities are prevented or detected on a timely basis by employees in the normal course of business. This position must adhere to the segregation of duties guidelines in the Administrative Manual.

1. Ensure that the Manager, AHIN Operations is fully informed concerning the status of all assigned tasks.  
2. Analyze specifications for proposed development projects and estimate time required and expense associated with project completion.
3. Adhere to Corporate and AHIN standards and policies.
4. Ensure that tasks are completed by the assigned target dates and within the cost estimates.
5. Become knowledgeable of company functions to the level necessary to accomplish assigned tasks.
6. Ensure that a cooperative and productive climate is maintained with all user division contacts.
7. Ensure that effective planning is performed at a level sufficient to accomplish project objectives.
8. Assist the Manager, AHIN Operations with identifying business processes that require improvement and create solutions to correct such business processes.


1. Coordinate with business users, AHIN and/or EDI staff and other IT personnel in the development of specifications for AHIN enhancements.
2. Create and/or modify AHIN scripts, programs and processes consistent with specifications.
3. Monitor AHIN operations and perform actions as necessary to assure that the production schedule is met.
4. Run programs manually as needed.
5. Perform analysis and consultation regarding interfaces from AHIN to external systems.
6. Create test procedures and test beds for testing AHIN functions.
7. Analyze data to insure its integrity by performing file comparisons to resolve duplicates, omissions, and errors.
8. Documentation of AHIN programs and processes.
9. Research and stay abreast of leading technology.
10. Assist in creating, reviewing, prioritizing, tracking and testing ProTrac Requests and the changes that result therefrom.
11. Coordinate implementation tasks with legacy system programmers and AHIN and/or EDI staff.
12. Perform other analysis and programming tasks as required.


1. Possess excellent interpersonal skills.
2. Possess excellent oral and written communication skills.
3. Possess above average analytical and investigative skills at a project level.
4. Ability to establish goals and objectives and plan methods to achieve these goals.
5. Be able to analyze, design, and code large complex programs and small-scale application systems.
6. Competence in scripting languages in an AIX UNIX/DB2 environment.
7. Possess superior technical skills in computer software applications, computer operations and computer programming in the AIX UNIX environment.
8. Ability to be scheduled for work on short notice and overtime - nights, days, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays - and travel on short notice.
9. Working knowledge of networking methodologies such as FTP, TCP/IP, Internets, and Intranets.
10. Working knowledge of AIX UNIX and DB2.
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