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Position Description

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield - EXEMPT POSITION DESCRIPTION

Position:  Advanced Practice Nurse
Reports To: 
Division:  zConnected Health (0015)
Company:  ABCBS
Location:  Label
Job Code:  090211
Min Salary:   89000
Date Posted:  9/6/2013

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Position Specific Requirements: No position specific requirements.

Job Summary
The role of the Advance Practice Nurse in the telemedicine unit is to be the clinical lead. The APN’s clinical actions will be governed by strict evidence based clinical protocols that have been agreed upon by community cardiologists. The APN will interpret previously obtained (from multiple sources) patient history, home based wireless biometric data and information obtained telephonically from enrolled patients and make clinical decisions based on protocols. The APN will be responsible to assure clinical care is always coordinated with other members of the telemedicine team, related units such as case management/ dietary education/pharmacy and participating community physicians. The APN will have prescription writing authority.

Nature & Scope
1. Promotes a team concept in the telemedicine and related ABCBS units.
2. Maintain a working knowledge of CHF practice guidelines of important national organizations.
3. Coordinates with Medical Assistant/Nurse Extender for installs, troubleshooting and de-installation of equipment.

Key responsibilities include:

1. Participates fully in the development of evidence based protocols for the congestive heart failure telemedicine unit in collaboration with community cardiologists, the USAC Telemedicine Medical Director and related ABCBS units such as case management, dietary services and pharmacy services.
2. Form a collaborative working relationship with participating cardiologists and appropriate medical experts.
3. Form a collaborative working relationship with discharge planners from participating hospitals.
4. Participate in the development and continuous improvement of the clinical dashboard to best meet the clinical needs of the program.
5. Regularly scan the CHF literature to find possible improvements to the program.
6. Interpret previously obtained medical history (from multiple sources), home based wireless biometric data, information obtained real time telephonically from enrolled patients and make clinical decisions and medication changes based on USAC protocols.
7. Documents promptly and clearly any interventions, plans of care and communications.
8. Limit clinical decisions to USAC protocols.
9. Communicate (based on protocols) clinical decisions to and coordinate care with other members of the telemedicine unit, related ABCBS units, the USAC telemedicine medical director and participating community physicians.
10. Supervises and mentors the clinical work of the Medical Assistant/Nurse Extender.
11. Reviews all biometric alerts daily and calls patients as needed for abnormal alerts as per USAC protocol.
12. Sends routine weekly/bi-weekly updates to cardiologists per USAC protocols.
13. Coordinates with case management to follow up and insure compliance with changes to patient’s medical regimen.
14. Coordinates with case management and participating cardiologists  and appropriate medical experts to ameliorate offending risk factors.
15. Communicates any changes in a patient’s clinical regimen to the participating cardiologist and appropriate medical experts per USAC protocol.
16. Communicates immediately with participating cardiologist  and appropriate medical experts any urgent clinical need of the patient. ( per USAC protocol)
17. Facilitate emergency response for patient with an emergent clinical need. ( per USAC protocol)
18. Ensure all patient data are tracked and entered into the system as required.
19. Teams with case management in the comprehensive education of the CHF patient.
20.  Other Duties as assigned.

Minimum Job Requirements


1. Must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing with appropriate nurse practitioners credentials with a current unrestricted license to practice in the State of Arkansas

2. Must have national certification with certificate for prescriptive authority.

3. Successfully passed APN certification program (must provide documentation of certification)

4. Must meet professional requirements and/or licensure requirements according to applicable state laws and regulations.

5. Experience in clinical APN practice.

6. Experience in a cardiology or internal medicine practice, or CCU, ICU as an RN or APN (pref experience with adult medicine.

7.  Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills

9.  Must have valid state driver's license with a good driving record and meet requirements of company Safe Driving Policy

10.    Must have basic computer skills

11.   Must have flexibility with position/patient needs

Security Requirements
This position is identified as level three (3). This position must ensure the security and confidentiality of records and information to prevent substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, or unfairness to any individual on whom information is maintained. The integrity of information must be maintained as outlined in the company Administrative Manual.

Segregation of Duties
Segregation of duties will be used to ensure that errors or irregularities are prevented or detected on a timely basis by employees in the normal course of business. This position must adhere to the segregation of duties guidelines in the Administrative Manual.

1. Communicate with patients, case managers, and care providers to ensure that medical information is current, accurate, and complete.
2. Treat all information with the highest degree of confidentiality to ensure compliance with statutory privacy laws and ethical standards.


Travel will be required as necessary to complete business function. This travel may be inter/intra state
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