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Position Description

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield - EXEMPT POSITION DESCRIPTION

Position:  Coordinator Primary Care
Reports To: 
Division:  Executive (0010)
Company:  ABCBS
Location:  Label
Job Code:  210224
Min Salary:   59000
Date Posted:  9/24/2012

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Position Specific Requirements: No position specific job requirements

Job Summary
The Coordinator of Primary Care is accountable for maintaining an ongoing assessment and interpretation of the Enterprise Primary Care programs. This individual will have regular contact with providers, employers, vendors, other payers in the market and Center for Medicare and Medicaid services. The incumbent is also responsible for developing and maintaining reporting and trend analysis on the initiatives related to Primary Care.

The Incumbent must assume a self-directed leadership role, work independently, understand project management methodologies, and possess superior communication skills while developing and maintaining diplomatic rapport with all internal and external contacts.

Necessary skills require effective writing of memorandums and emails, complete and thorough documentation, presentation skills and effective facilitation of internal and external meetings.

Nature & Scope
Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

1. Ability to identify research and analyze system problems and make recommendations for viable solutions.
2. Ability to work independently.
3. Knowledge of the healthcare system and quality improvement initiatives.
4. Skills to assess current clinic process for improvements.
5. Ability to work with all levels of staff in a primary care clinic to develop a team and ensure all team members are practicing to the top of their license.
6. Proficient analytical skills and methodologies.
7. Proficient interpersonal skills which allow for effective interfacing with all levels throughout the Enterprise.
8. Ability to effectively and efficiently communicate on a professional and technical level, both written and verbal communications, as well as stand up presentations.
9. Knowledge of project management guidelines and methodologies, such as but not limited to the ability to perform Cost Benefit analysis, budget restraints, return on investment analysis and development of project specifications and work plan timelines.
10. Superior Planning and coordinating skills.

Minimum Job Requirements

Educational Requirements and Experience:

1. Bachelor's degree, preferably in a business, healthcare or healthcare management related field. Graduate degree preferred.

2. Experience with quality improvement initiatives, (ex, NCQA or URAC recognition) a primary care clinic ( ex. Office manager or lead for transformation).

3. Experience working with Electronic Health Record and Electronic Practice Management system.

4. Knowledge of how to measure performance and outcomes of project/initiatives - verified in interview.

5. Proficient written communication skills. (Compose and submit with the application a document describing the incumbent's understanding of working in a self-managed environment. Limit document to one page or less. This documentation will be required for interview.)

6. Experience making standup presentations to groups of individuals in a formal business setting. (Provide list of examples and audiences.) NOTE: Incumbent will be expected to prepare and perform a 5 - 10 minute standup presentation, during the interview process. This will be required.

7. Working knowledge of PC and office software applications. (Attach resume with a list of software applications used and examples of work product.)

8. Successful large scale project leadership. Documentation must be provided

9. Ability to travel. Valid Arkansas driver's license and meet company requirements. MVR verification.

10. Patient Centered Medical Home experience preferred.

Security Requirements
This position is identified as level three (3). This position must ensure the security and confidentiality of records and information to prevent substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, or unfairness to any individual on whom information is maintained. The integrity of information must be maintained as outlined in the company Administrative Manual.

Segregation of Duties
Segregation of duties will be used to ensure that errors or irregularities are prevented or detected on a timely basis by employees in the normal course of business. This position must adhere to the segregation of duties guidelines in the Administrative Manual.

1. Coordinate all activities related to the Enterprise Primary Care programs. This includes but is not limited to the Patient Centered Medical Home pilot, Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, and employer clinic development.
2. Oversee projects related to primary care and ensure that projects meet the appropriate deadlines.
3. Work with providers in the community to educate and assist practice transformation related to primary care programs.
4. Oversee vendors contracted to support Primary Care initiatives.
5. Assist and support the Enterprise Network management staff in financial service activities such as research and development of annual departmental budgets, financial results, ROI’s, and accounting transactions.
6. Provide decision making support to the management staff of the Enterprise Network Division so innovative goals and standards can be accomplished
7. Support the Enterprise in new business initiatives and implementing benchmark measures for application to the enterprise and its business partners
8. Coordinate and work with different areas, regions and partners of the Enterprise to produce efficient progress toward necessary goals.
9. Responsible for performing educational training as it relates to primary care programs to internal staff, external providers and employers.
10.Responsible for project management status reporting on an ongoing basis to appropriate management staff.
11.Assure that effective coordination and clear, professional concise communication is being achieved; inter and intra divisional.
12.Responsible for keeping appropriate corporate personnel apprised of changes and/or modifications to the primary care programs which might require educational training of special guidelines.
13.Stay attuned to the healthcare industry; particularly to innovative programs related to patient centered medical home, primary care quality measures and community clinics.
14.Handle sensitive matters and maintain confidentially.
15.Coordinate system changes needed to support primary care initiatives.
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