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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I tell when the position will close?
    We do not provide a close date. Once hiring managers/supervisors are comfortable with the applicant pool, they may close the position at any time. We recommend applying at the time you see the position posted.

  2. How can I check the status of my application?
    You can view the status of your application online by selecting on the ‘Application – Status or Edit’ link. You will see all the positions for which you applied with a status of open, closed, or filled.

  3. How long does my application stay on file?
    Once the position you applied for is filled, you no longer have an active application on file. Therefore, your application is only active until the position is filled.

  4. I have locked my account, how can I get into the system?
    Because you have entered an incorrect password too many times, you must wait 60 minutes (one hour) and try again. The system will automatically unlock your account. If you forgot your password, select 'Forgot Password' and continue through your secret questions to obtain a new password.

  5. I forgot my log-in password, how can I get into the system?
    You were required to create a secret question and answer in case you forgot your password. Select 'Forgot Password' to answer your secret question. A temporary password will then be emailed to you.

  6. If there are several positions posted with the same job title, must I apply for each posting to be considered for all positions?
    Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield only accepts position-specific applications; therefore, you must apply for each position of interest. These positions are likely to be under different divisions and report to different hiring managers/supervisors.

  7. I applied for several positions with the same job title. I received a message stating the position was filled. Does this mean I am no longer being considered for all positions with that job title?
    Your application is associated with a specific job. The notification will only apply to that one specific position.

  8. After answering the pre-qualifying questions, I received an automatic message stating I did not meet the qualifications for the position. I know I’m qualified. What should I do?
    Review the answers to your pre-qualifying questions to ensure you answered with the response that best fits your knowledge and skill level. If you are still receiving a notice of not qualified, you did not meet one or more of the job requirements.

  9. Once I have completed my application, what is the next step in the process?
    Once you submit your application, it is automatically sent to the hiring manager/supervisor and Human Resources. Your qualifications are then verified by Human Resources based on the work history and experience you have listed on your application. It is important to enter as much information as possible on your application to justify your qualifications.

  10. If I upload my resume to my online application profile, do I still need to complete the work history for the past 10 years and references on my application?
    It is important that your application is complete, accurate and truthful. The information provided will be used to verify qualifications and check references. You are welcome to upload your resume to provide additional information, but this does not replace completing the entire application.

  11. Is there anyone I can speak with about my application?
    The normal process requires that you wait to hear from Human Resources or the hiring manager/supervisor. If you run into application problems, please feel free to email us at

  12. Is the minimum salary listed negotiable?
    We typically hire at the beginning of the salary grade. For more professional positions requiring a high skill set, you may discuss salary with hiring managers/supervisors if granted an interview.

  13. What if I have a family member working for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield? Can I still be considered for positions?
    Having a family member working for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield does not prevent employment. However, your relationship to the employed relative along with the Vice President to whom your relative reports are the deciding factors. You must list relatives’ names and relationships on your application. Immediate family members cannot work under the same Vice President. The information provided will be verified by Human Resources. You will be contacted if you cannot be considered due to your family relationship. Otherwise, your application will go through the normal verification process.

  14. What if I have a felony? Will I still be considered for employment with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield?
    You are required to disclose information concerning the conviction of a guilty plea or nolo contendere (no contest) to a felony, misdemeanor, or any offense under the Violent Crime Act of 1994, with charges involving dishonesty or breach of trust. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is prevented from hiring individuals with such charges, convictions, or pleas. A favorable background check is required before employment.